Sunday, January 18, 2015

[REL] Novorossiya Armed Forces

A skin pack of Novorossiya Armed Forces, based off Riot_MH's Donbass People's Militia mod. Also includes Novorossiya coat of arms wall.

With their own skins:
-Don Cossack National Guard
-Prizrak(Ghost) Brigade
-Somali Battalion
-Sparta Battalion
-Vostok(East) Battalion
-Zarya(Dawn) Battalion
Patches only(not presented in screenshot):
-Kalmius Special Detachment
-Kuban Cossack National Guard
-Oplot(Bulwark) Battalion
-Russian Orthodox Army

HOW TO USE(for IMGtool):
Put model file(.dff) & texture file(.txd) with matching filenames in skin.img located in CLEO directory. If you want to use the custom wall texture, replace eastlstr_lae2.txd in gta3.img

-Abibas the mods
-Red Hammer Studios
-ArmA II
-CoD: MW3

DO NOT publish outside my blog( without permission, but using a part of this for your own mod needs no permission as long as you credit me and the other authors I credited.

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