Monday, April 28, 2014

[WIP] E.X.T.R.E.M.E Weapon Pack

This new weapon pack will replace ALL weapons & weapon-classified objects, no exception. Also includes new stats & scripts to change the characteristics of the new weapons.

Examples of upcoming weapons
  • Spetsnaz Saber(a cross between Spetsnaz machete & Cossack saber, edited from Martin's Metal Gear Rising conversion) Replaces katana.
  •  Anti-Tank Missile Launcher v2(this time based off Blacklight Retribution's launcher with a scope from HALO) Replaces heat seeking missile launcher. Missile script for CLEO 4 will be included.
  •  Gauss Revolver(Crysis 2 Revolver with Gauss modules & a scope) Replaces silenced pistol. Scope script for this & KORD will be included.
  •  KORD Bullpup. Replaces country rifle.
  •  AK-12 Bullpup. Replaces AK-47.
  •  Jenkem. Replaces teargas
  •  Winchester 73 Obrez(shortened & added magazine) Replaces TEC-9.
  •  Laptop with script from Lukass B. Replaces flowers.