Thursday, October 31, 2013

No AK-47 for Ballas & Vagos

This script makes the Ballas & Vagos in gang war(and anywhere else) don't carry AK-47s, instead they'll be given some MP-5s, M4s, or sawn-off shotguns according to their skin names.

ballas1 & lsv1 : MP-5.
ballas2 & lsv2 : M-4.
ballas3 & lsv3 : Sawn-off shotgun.

Credits to Aldy Ardiansyah(?) [some believed his  "Change Cops Default Weapon" script was stolen]

If you know the original author of the said script, please contact me.

Friday, October 11, 2013

[REL] PKM Machine Gun Pack

- High-quality model & texture, perfect fit in hands.
- Rails on top.
- 5 sight variants(iron sights, ACOG, Aimshot, Aimpoint, & EOtech).
- Replaces cuntgun(country rifle).
- Custom weapon.dat which makes the country rifle behave like a machine gun(large magazine, automatic fire).

 Replace cuntgun.dff & cuntgun.txd in gta3.img with the ones in the archive. There are several variants of the dff. Also,  don't forget to replace weapon.dat in the "data" folder.

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