Sunday, December 14, 2014

[WIP] Novorossiya Armed Forces

Here's my next project, a Novorossiya Armed Forces skin pack based off Riot_MH's Donbass People's Militia mod. This skin pack includes a sample for each of NAF's units like the Sparta, Somali, Vostok, Prizrak, & Cossack National Guards.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

[REL] Cossack Chupryna/Khokhol

Chupryna/Khokhol, the signature haircut of the Zaporozhian Cossacks from Ukraine. Front-facing hair replaces detail cut, and the rear-facing one replaces cornrows. Cutscene model included.

Replace cs_tramline.dff, cs_cornrows.dff, tramline.dff, tramline.txd, cornrows.dff, cornrows.txd, & cornrowsb.txd in player.img.

-GTA Alien City

DO NOT publish outside my blog( without permission, but using a part of this for your own mod needs no permission as long as you credit me and the other authors I credited.

Monday, September 22, 2014

[REL] Donbass People's Militia

Hello everyone! Here's some new skin for you, a militiaman of Donbass People's Militia.

- High-quality model & texture, based upon PMC from MW3(their gear don't look much different).
- Spekter-S camo commonly used by them.

- Put donbasspm.dff & donbasspm.txd in skin.img if you use Ryosuke's Skin Selector. Otherwise rename both .dff & .txd to replace any ped you like.

- Midway
- Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games, & Activision.

- Lower arm looks a bit wonky when holding rifles with Frost's weapon animations.

DO NOT publish outside my blog( without permission, but using a part of this for your own mod needs no permission as long as you credit me and the other authors I credited.


Friday, August 15, 2014

[PATCH] Fixed some bugs in Comprehensive Weapon Overhaul.

- Fixed the bug where you can't spray tags with paint gun(which replaces spray can).
- Fixed Cossacks Vodka texture(it was mirrored).
- Added melee.dat configured for default katana animation(sword.ifp).
- Added new minigun sound by Triangulum.


Friday, July 25, 2014

[REL] Comprehensive Weapon Overhaul is now released!!!!!

Getting bored with the standard weapons & mods which only replaces weapon skins? Now you'll never run out of interesting ways to kill stuff.

Experience combat like never before
Every single weapon in the game is replaced and given new characteristics by new data files, CLEO scripts, & ASI plugins geared towards both silliness & realism, but surely makes the weapons behave like how they must be.

New great effects
If these cool weapons aren't enough for you, the new effects & sounds will make everything much more interesting.

Additional functions
Some weapons & tools may have other functions beside killing stuff. Additional details on the functions list section.


Brass Knuckles - Hidden Blade

Golf Club - Water Pipe with Tap
Knife - Keris
Katana - Spetsnaz Saber
Chainsaw - Chainsaw from GTA Alien City
Nightstick - Frying Pan
Shovel - Entrenching Shovel
Pool Cue - Bambu Runcing
Baseball Bat - Axe

Pistol - Pistol from GTA Alien City
Silenced Pistol - Gauss Revolver v2
Desert Eagle - Bolter Pistol

Micro Uzi - Nailgun
Tec9 - Winchester Obrez
MP5 - PPSh-41

Shotgun - Metal Storm Musket
Sawnoff Shotgun - Intervention Shotgun
SPAS-12 - Honey Badger Shotgun

Assault Rifles
AK47 -  AK12 Bullpup
M4 - SS2V4

Country Rifle - KORD Bullpup
Sniper Rifle - Gauss Rifle with PSO-1

Heavy Weapons
RPG - RG-6 with SUSAT Scope
Heatseeker - Custom ATGM Launcher v2
Flamethrower - Flamethrower from Metro 2033
Minigun - Dakkagun

Grenade - Mountain Dew Can
Molotov - Cossacks Vodka
Teargas - Jenkem
Satchel & Detonator - Elpiji 3 Kg, with Detonator from Crysis 2

Equipment 1
Spraycan - Paintgun
Fire Extinguisher - Gas Spray Gun
Camera - Camera from Far Cry 3

Flowers - Laptop
Dildo 1 - Guitar
Dildo 2 - Shield
Vibe 1 - Bong
Vibe 2 - Flashlight
Cane - Trout

Equipment 2
Parachute - New Parachute, with bag from S.T.A.L.K.E.R
NV Goggles - HD NV Googles
IR Goggles - HD IR Googles


Hidden Blade
Press < to deploy a hidden blade(replaces brassknuckles), to retract it press >.

Scope Zoom
If you're using Gauss revolver(replaces silenced pistol) or missile launcher, zoom with mouse wheel. Scopes on heavy machine gun(replaces country rifle) or grenade launcher(replaces rocket launcher) cannot be zoomed.
Press TAB and Y to start playing guitar if you're using guitar(replaces purple dildo). Change songs with 1-9. Press F to stop playing.

If you're using laptop(replaces flowers), press L to use laptop. Select the available options from the menu.
To smoke weed from bong(replaces vibrator 1), press 4, 2, and 0.
If you're using flashlight(replaces vibrator 2), press L to turn on flashlight, then press L again to turn off.
Anti Vehicle Sword
The sword will destroy vehicles instantly.
Fire Trout
The trout will burn people hit by them.
Crouching or blocking with shield protects you from damage.

Grenade launchers fires grenades at an arc, & the heatseeking missile can destroy tanks in single hit & don't explode mid-air. Aerial combat will also have much more fun than before.

Say goodbye to hitscan bullets, now they have realistic velocities & also affected by wind, gravity, etc. Also they can ricochet & penetrate through things.
The jetpack can fly as high as you can.
Tank Cannon
Tank cannons can shoot at long ranges, and they have reticles too.


- ++++
- 22ndtg
- 555
- AleksGTA
- Alexey1999
- Ariel254
- Atlantis 47
- bag710
- BigBrujah
- Black_Rraeii(MojiNR)
- Blackmore(Schiff)
- Bobi & Chezy
- Chong McBong
- Dalva
- EmiKiller
- fernando_egm
- Flame1251
- Grayfox93
- Gta-martin
- Function-X-
- HolyGhost
- Huckleberry Pie
- IceMan Studio
- izerli
- JohnyMan
- Jose Raimundo
- Karol Miklas
- Korle
- Lukass-B
- MarcosStyLL
- metalwars
- Millenia
- Mr.Buddy
- Paul98/Audi Al-Ghifari
- Pepsi_Man
- Raphael Splinterson
- ReWolWeR
- Ryosuke
- Skript
- Tona
- trane14PL
- Triangulum
- Vadoz1212
- viter
- VoidioV
- Yuniwii
- Call of Duty: World at War
- Counter-Strike 1.6
- Crysis 2
- Far Cry 3
- GTA Alien City
- GTA Extreme Indonesia
- Metal Gear Rising
- Metro 2033
- Point Blank/Project Blackout
- S.T.A.L.K.E.R

- 3dsMax
- Adobe Photoshop
- Alci's SAAT GUI Frontend
- GTA Anim Manager
- GTASA Ultimate Editor
- IMGTool
- MS Paint
- RWAnalyze
- Sanny Builder
- TXDWorkshop
- Z2G DFF Converter
- ZModeler

DO NOT publish outside my blog( without permission, but using a part of this for your own mod needs no permission as long as you credit me and the other authors I credited.


Saturday, July 19, 2014

Nearly finished, mod renamed to Comprehensive Weapon Overhaul

  • Guitar from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. CLEO script to play S.T.A.L.K.E.R guitar music included. Replaces purple dildo.
  • A frying pan. Replaces police baton.
  • An axe to replace baseball bat.
  • A short shovel for digging trenches & graves. Replaces shovel of course.
  • Flamethrower from Metro 2033. Obviously replaces flamethrower.
  •  Chainsaw & basic pistol from GTA Alien City.
  • Some new icons

Thursday, July 10, 2014

[WIP] More and more progress

  •  New icons in original SA style, some weapons will use original icons if they don't look too different from the original(i.e missile launcher, NV goggles, camera).
  • Nailgun which behaves like how it is if you use the realistic ballistics script, not a good homicidal device but it's fun to pop tires with it. Replaces Micro SMG.
  • Paint Sprayer, replaces spraycan.

  •  Here's some video for you.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

[WIP] More progress on EXTREME OVERKILL Weapon Pack, again

More & more new weapons are coming in, and the old ones are given a shiny new look too.

  • Bolt Pistol, because GTA:SA needs more taste of Warhammer 40K. Replaces Desert Eagle.
  •  Dakkagun, WAAAAAGH!!!!!!!!!!, but still not enuff dakka. Replaces minigun.
  •  PPSh-41 without stock, as doing a drive-by with the stocked one looks awkward. Replaces MP-5.
  •  New scopes for KORD & Gauss Revolver

Monday, May 19, 2014

[WIP] More progress on EXTREME OVERKILL Weapon Pack

 Here's some Indonesian weapons to come
  •  SS-2, the standard-issue assault rifle of the Indonesian Armed Forces. Replaces M4.
  •  Keris, the traditional blade of Java. Replaces knife.
  •  Elpiji(LPG) gas can, infamous for causing explosive fires. Replaces satchel charge.
  • Bambu Runcing, commonly associated with the War of Independence. Replaces pool cue.

Monday, May 12, 2014


Renamed the mod, also here's some new upcoming weapons

  •  RG-6 Grenade Launcher from S.T.A.L.K.E.R(Missile script makes this behave like a multiple grenade launcher) Replaces RPG.
  • Gauss Rifle from S.T.A.L.K.E.R with PSO-1 scope. Replaces sniper rifle.
  •  Water pipe with a tap. Replaces golf club.
  •  Plasma Pistol from GTA Alien City. Replaces Desert Eagle.
  •  This shooter packs more dakka than it looks like, one trigger pull and BAM! Five shells fired at once.

Monday, April 28, 2014

[WIP] E.X.T.R.E.M.E Weapon Pack

This new weapon pack will replace ALL weapons & weapon-classified objects, no exception. Also includes new stats & scripts to change the characteristics of the new weapons.

Examples of upcoming weapons
  • Spetsnaz Saber(a cross between Spetsnaz machete & Cossack saber, edited from Martin's Metal Gear Rising conversion) Replaces katana.
  •  Anti-Tank Missile Launcher v2(this time based off Blacklight Retribution's launcher with a scope from HALO) Replaces heat seeking missile launcher. Missile script for CLEO 4 will be included.
  •  Gauss Revolver(Crysis 2 Revolver with Gauss modules & a scope) Replaces silenced pistol. Scope script for this & KORD will be included.
  •  KORD Bullpup. Replaces country rifle.
  •  AK-12 Bullpup. Replaces AK-47.
  •  Jenkem. Replaces teargas
  •  Winchester 73 Obrez(shortened & added magazine) Replaces TEC-9.
  •  Laptop with script from Lukass B. Replaces flowers.

Saturday, March 15, 2014


Example of the "Bleeding Vines" pattern, used in this mod.
After a long period of inactivity in the GTA:SA modding scene, here's some new skins, the KOPASSUS(Indonesian Army special forces) as Grove Street Families homies, also armed with powerful weapons.

- High-quality model & texture.
 - Based upon the "Shadow Company" from MW2.
 - Realistic "Bleeding Vines" camo pattern used by the KOPASSUS.

 - Indonesian flag & KOPASSUS logo patch on sleeves, helmets, & the iconic red berets.
- CLEO scripts for new weapons for the Grove Street Families, their health & weapon skill is also increased as well.
 - fam1 ~ Combat Shotgun
 - fam2 ~ AK-47
 - fam3 ~ M4

Replace fam1.dff, fam1.txd fam2.dff, fam2.txd, fam3.dff, and fam3.txd in gta3.img with the ones in the archive. Put weapons_fam1.cs, weapons_fam2.cs, & weapons_fam3.cs in the CLEO directory for the full benefits listed above.

- Diego4Fun
- Paul98
- Salva
- Abibas
- Aldy Ardiansyah
- Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games, & Activision.

- Probably not compatible with Ryosuke's Skin Selector.
- Smoking & drinking homies didn't get the new weapons, but they have 2 pistols instead when recruited.

DO NOT publish outside my blog( without permission, but using a part of this for your own mod needs no permission as long as you credit me and the other authors I credited.