Example of the "Bleeding Vines" pattern, used in this mod.
After a long period of inactivity in the GTA:SA modding scene, here's some new skins, the KOPASSUS(Indonesian Army special forces) as Grove Street Families homies, also armed with powerful weapons.

- High-quality model & texture.
 - Based upon the "Shadow Company" from MW2.
 - Realistic "Bleeding Vines" camo pattern used by the KOPASSUS.

 - Indonesian flag & KOPASSUS logo patch on sleeves, helmets, & the iconic red berets.
- CLEO scripts for new weapons for the Grove Street Families, their health & weapon skill is also increased as well.
 - fam1 ~ Combat Shotgun
 - fam2 ~ AK-47
 - fam3 ~ M4

Replace fam1.dff, fam1.txd fam2.dff, fam2.txd, fam3.dff, and fam3.txd in gta3.img with the ones in the archive. Put weapons_fam1.cs, weapons_fam2.cs, & weapons_fam3.cs in the CLEO directory for the full benefits listed above.

- Diego4Fun
- Paul98
- Salva
- Abibas
- Aldy Ardiansyah
- Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games, & Activision.

- Probably not compatible with Ryosuke's Skin Selector.
- Smoking & drinking homies didn't get the new weapons, but they have 2 pistols instead when recruited.

DO NOT publish outside my blog( without permission, but using a part of this for your own mod needs no permission as long as you credit me and the other authors I credited.


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    nicely done! gonna try it out man..:)

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