Thursday, February 13, 2014

[REL] Ciu Oplosan

Another crappy mod from me, this time is really crappy but sure is fun, as this is a bottle of "Ciu Oplosan"(traditional Indonesian booze mixed with various things from energy drink to bugspray, recently caused a lot of deaths) as your usual Molotov cocktail, based on TheAnonMod's Sprunk bottle.

- Not very good model quality & hand positioning, but the label is readable.
- Readable Ciu Oplosan label as icon.
- As the author demands the original archive there, it's included as well(replaces gun_dildo2(short dildo)).

Replace molotov.dff & molotov.txd in gta3.img with the ones in the archive.

- TheAnonMod
- Rockstar Games

DO NOT publish outside my blog( without permission, but using a part of this for your own mod needs no permission as long as you credit me and the other authors I credited.


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