Thursday, January 1, 2015

[New Year Special] Someone who isn't Ucok (formerly private mod)

Happy New Year 2015 everyone!!! I know you want my formerly private skin so bad, so I release this for you all!
Also, my greatest condolences to the victims of AirAsia QZ8501, may those who died rest in peace, their loved ones have fortitude to cope with it, & those who survived make it safely.....
HOW TO USE(for IMGtool):
Put IAmNotUcok.dff & .txd in skin.img located in CLEO directory.

-Abibas the mods
-Battery Online
-Blacklight: Tango Down
-COD: MW2, MW3, Black Ops II, & Ghosts
-Halo 4
-Metro 2033

DO NOT publish outside my blog( without permission, but using a part of this for your own mod needs no permission as long as you credit me and the other authors I credited.


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