Sunday, October 25, 2015

[Hetalia Day Special] Russian Evolution Pack

Happy Hetalia Day everyone, which in this date coincides with Donetsk People's Republic Flag Day! I made something for this, a skin pack of Ivan Braginsky(personification of Russia in Hetalia) in several historical Russian combat uniforms, first is a boyar knight from 17th century Muscovite Tsardom, then a Red Army Cossack from WWII(1943 onwards), and a Spetsnaz operator from the 2010s.

HOW TO USE(for IMGtool):
If you use Skin Selector, put model file(.dff) & texture file(.txd) with matching filenames in skin.img located in CLEO directory.

-Abibas the mods
-Bohemia Interactive
-DayZ SA
-Infinity Ward
-Red Hammer Studios
-SiCh Studio
-Snowberry Connection

Do anything you want but link to and credit the authors listed above if you want to reupload.


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