Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ivan Braginsky & Russian Spetsnaz Heavy Trooper Pack

   -Added generic Spetsnaz heavy troopers as well as Ivan Braginsky.
   -Added 2 different ammunition pouches.(Spetsnaz troopers wearing different pouches have different face too)
   -Added helmeted variants of Ivan & generic Spetsnaz.
   -FLORA camo darkened & duller, also added arctic camo.
   -A CLEO script to spawn 4 tough, accurate, & skilled Spetsnaz troopers with AK47 & Combat Shotgun.

   -The model files(.dff) are found in dff.rar, and the texture files(.txd) are in txd.rar
   -Add the .dff & .txd into the skin.img if you want to use Ryosuke's skin selector.
   -If you want to replace a skin, rename it to the name of skin you want to replace.
   -If you want to use Spetsnaz Protection CLEO Script, put spetsnaz.cs in your CLEO directory and replace heck1.dff, heck1.txd, heck2.dff, & heck2.txd in GTA3.img with the Spetsnaz skins in this archive, otherwise you'll have some fat guys following you instead(that's vanilla heck1 & heck2)

   -Infinity Ward

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