Tuesday, July 30, 2013

[REL] Ivan Braginsky(Russia) from Hetalia in Spetsnaz outfit

First Hetalia-related GTA SA mod(maybe), it's Ivan Braginsky(Russia) in heavy Spetsnaz armor from Call of Duty: Black Ops.

-Backpack & scarf
-Larger than most peds
-Two variants (FLORA & plain grey)
-Animated fingers, fists clench correctly in melee attack
-Minimal bugs (I suggest using custom animations to further reduce model/animation bugs)

How to install:
To replace a ped, rename ivan.dff & ivan.txd to a GTA SA ped .dff & .txd name(for example: "army"{soldiers}, "fam1", "fam2", & "fam3"{Grove Street homies}). The .dff & .txd name must match. Then, replace the ones from the gta3.img with the ones you've renamed using a IMG editior like IMGtool.

For Ryosuke's skin selector, just add ivan.dff & ivan.txd to skin.img in the CLEO directory.


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